Sewing Machine Guide For Beginners

Sewing Machine Guide For Beginners

Several models of sewing machines exist on the market today, each one more or less sophisticated than the other. Beginners are usually advised to go with mechanical sewing machines because they are sufficient for household sewing; but for more intensive use, the electronic sewing machine is a better option.

Sewing Machine Guide For Beginners

The choice of sewing machine should be based on the type of stitching you want to achieve. The simplest models are adequate for simple alteration of clothing, hemming of curtains or clothes, lapel edging, etc. The mechanical sewing machine possesses a set of classic features such as straight stitches, zigzag and button. The main advantage of this type of sewing machine is its flexibility and scalable settings. Almost everything is customiz-able with a mechanical sewing machine. It is more robust when compared to the other classes of sewing machines. Nevertheless, it is important that beginners understand these settings and how to use them to their advantage. But these models cannot be used for embroidery, creating of curtains or garment bags, etc. Mechanical sewing machines are also not capable of sewing thick materials like denim or upholstery fabric. For these kinds of projects, a more sophisticated sewing machine is required.

The prices of sewing machines also vary, depending on the sophistication of the models. Mechanical sewing machines are usually the most cost-friendly of the lot; the high-end sewing machines cost up to several thousands of dollars.

The electronic sewing machine offers impressive features that take care of all the settings. Most electronic sewing machines offer excellent standard suitability such as the repositioning of the needle, semi-automatic threading, the pedal and electronic variables. However, although this model of the sewing machine is also suitable for beginners, the electronic sewing machine costs a lot more than its mechanical counterpart. It is not as robust as the mechanical sewing machine as it is prone to breakage.

The other criteria that will guide you in choosing the best sewing machine for you as a beginner are as follows:

  • The size of the sewing machine matters. It is best to go for a compact sewing machine unless it is intended to be installed in a dedicated table.
  • The type of sewing machine you choose should depend on the type of projects or fabric you plan to work on. Some sewing machines cannot sew fluid cotton jersey; other models are not robust enough to handle fabrics like denim. Therefore, the best way to go about it is to buy a versatile sewing machine. Buy a beginner machine reading unbiased sewing machine reviews on top rated machines for learners.
  • The reason why most people stick with reputable brands anytime they want to purchase sewing machines is due to the after-sales services they offer. Most of these highly regarded brands offer tracking services for several years as regards the spare parts of their models. This is usually not the case with low-end products that are sold at super low prices.

Be careful about where you purchase your sewing machine; a lot of supermarkets of stores may offer unbeatable deals, they most often do not provide any guarantee of strength, durability and tracking.

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