Best Home Rowing Machine: Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less

Exercising is a good way to keep your body and mind healthy. It helps release stress and relaxes you after a long day. That is why when it comes to buying the fitness equipment, you should never settle for anything mediocre. This goes the same when you are buying the best home rowing machine to help you get into you exercise routines.

Why shouldn’t you settle for less? One is that cheap rowing machines are a waste of money. Sure they may work for a while but it will not work out well in the long run. Parts may break easily and worse, they don’t come in warranties.

So would you even dare spend your money on something useless? Perhaps not, that is why you need to find one good rowing machine to invest your money with. Remember that being a smart buyer is a good way to go!

Now I understand that there are many kinds of rowing machines out there today. It’s a bit overwhelming to choose one that will work for you especially if you have no idea what rowing machines are all about.

rowing machine reviews

It is a fact that many people buy the wrong item because they have little or no idea about the best home rowing machine to buy. As a result of this, bad choices are made and if you don’t want this to be your case then all you need is a good guide when it comes to buying the best ones in the market. Here are some of the best rowing machines that you can add into your home:

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 – if you want quality and good performance, this is the machine for you. It is designed for low-impact workout with a Performance Monitor 5 that will give you an accurate data of your workout. It is designed with an adjustable arm monitor so you don’t get distracted while working out.

The seats are about 14 inches, plated with nickel. The footrests are also adjustable and are designed with an ergonomic handle. It comes with 5 years warranty so you can definitely get your money’s worth. Best of all it can carry about 500 lbs. of weight so anyone can enjoy this rowing machine.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor – rated with 4.5 stars in, this wonderful rowing machine is a delight. This handcrafted best home rowing machine is equipped with a “water flywheel” that allows you to experience an actual rowing motion.

It has an enclosed water tank so you it provides you with smooth and quiet resistance. It has the Series 4 performance monitor so you can see your workout data from stroke rates to heart rates and many others. It’s also reasonably priced so if you only have a limited budget, this rowing machine can fit your needs.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine – are you low on budget? Worry no more! This wonderful row machine is rated with 4 stars in will surely fit your budget. It may be inexpensive but compared to other brands, this machine works really well.

It is designed with adjustable gas-shock resistance and a monitor, this row machine will show you how much calories you have burned, strokes you have made and many others. It is also made from frames of steel so you know that this is sturdy even at a cheap price. It is also designed to fold easy so you can store it easily as well.

Stamina Air Rower – if you prefer something that is air resistance then the Stamina Air is just the right one for you. Its price range is around $200-300 is already a good deal to have. It is designed with a multi-function performance monitor; this row machine allows you to check your calories burned, time, speed, and distance.

It also comes with padded seats and footplates large enough to accommodate any shoe sizes. It also has built-in wheels so you can move it anywhere plus the legs have floor protectors so it avoids scratching the surface.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower – now if you want something that’s not too cheap or too expensive then this is the rower for you! Rated with 4.5 stars by its users, this machine is as wonderful as it comes.

It is designed with a DMC system or also known as Drum Magnetic Control, you will surely enjoy the smooth resistance that this rower came with. It can also be folded easily and comes with a padded saddle so you sit comfortable in it. Intense workouts will be a lot easier as this is designed with a chest strap monitor so your heart rate is monitored.

You see there are many kinds of rowing machines to choose from out there. Depending on your budget, you have all the options you need to choose the best one in the market. Adding a row machine in your home will be helpful if your goal is to lose weight and stay in shape. So what’s it going to be? The choice is yours, good luck!

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